Friday, April 18, 2008

New Regions?

A week or so back I ordered a copy of the Eve Strategic Maps booklet. I didn't need them: Ombey's 2d Maps work perfectly fine and are probably less cluttered for easy comprehension. And free. But I wanted to buy them as investment in the hobby and to have something pretty to look at. I'm easily amused.

Well today I got this email from the publisher.
Thanks for ordering EVE Strategic Maps, which we were expecting to
begin shipping within the next 10 days.

However, we have just returned from CCP’s Iceland HQ where we
discussed some exciting new content which will slightly delay the
shipping of EVE Strategic Maps, but will in fact put you well ahead of
the rest of the player base.

Why? There is, as you may know already, an expansion coming in a few
months, which will introduce completely new content to the world of
EVE. So although your copy of ESM will arrive a couple of weeks later
than planned, it will now contain advance information, allowing you to
take advantage of the knowledge of this new content before anyone
else. CCP has agreed to exclusively reveal this data to us now, well
in advance of it ‘going live’, in order that we can ensure the first
run of EVE Strategic Maps includes the most accurate information

As you read this, Serenity Steele is busy exploring this new content
in his Polaris Frigate, plotting the data and mapping every system,
planet, moon, asteroid field, ice field and jump gate. With EVE
Strategic Maps on your desk, you can be ready to take control.

We will email you again to let you know when your copy of ESM is on
the way, but for now thanks for your patience. We promise you will not
be disappointed.

The E-ON / ESM team
Holy hell. Emphasis mine. If that doesn't mean new regions, I don't know what does.

Is this related to Faction Warfare coming out this summer? Possibly, but either way I'd better my Rokh battleship more regions are coming to Eve.

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