Friday, March 07, 2008

Shooting for the Stars

Once you have a goal, you need a plan to get there.

Since I started Derranna down the path of Jump Freighter pilot, the skill training was easy but the hard question is how to get a Jump Freighter, specifically the Minmatar Nomad. Just like get a cake for a birthday party, there are three ways to do it: buy it premade, buy the mix in a box and bake it, or bake it from scratch.

Premade: Easy enough. Get about 6 billion ISK together and find it on the market or on contract and bam! You own a jump freighter. Downside is that you are paying for all the middle men who had a hand in its construction, from the inventor to the haulers to the constructors.

From Mix: Buy an invented Nomad BPC and built it myself. The BPC is about 1.1 billion ISK, and I would need Capital Ship Construction skill for 75 million, and a rough estimate of the parts is around 4 billion ISK. Not to mention the construction time and hauling that would need to be done. Still, I could potentially save myself 500-750 million ISK for the effort.

From Scratch: Basically the same effort as the previous method except I would try and invent a Nomad BPC myself. I would need Minmatar Encryption Methods and Minmatar Starship Engineering skills and a Cryptic Ship Data Interface but their cost could be absorb as long term investments into invention in general. Consumables would be the Fenrir freighter BPC, 64 Mechanical Engineering and Minmatar Starship Engineering datacores each per attempt, along with a Decryptor to improve ME and perhaps number of runs. Assuming 50% success rate I'd need at least two attempts and the Fenrir BPC runs about 300 million itself so guesstimate 400 million ISK per attempt and another 200-300 million ISK for the invention skills and interface.

Summary: About 6 billion to simply buy the ship, about 5.5 billion to build it from a BPC, and about 5.5 billion to invent it and get the Minmatar invention skills and interface for future efforts.

So the question is, how much is my effort to do the work worth in the long run?

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