Friday, March 07, 2008

I Remember Now...

... I hate fishing.

Yesterday I talked about how gate camping was like fishing, right? Well, I remembered last night, I hate fishing. Too boring.

I had an hour last night and decided to try the gate camping thing again so I hopped in my Onyx, flew over to Aunenen, and began camping.

For a while I saw a lot of shuttles, rookie ships, and frigates, but no incoming haulers, miners, or cruisers. Then one guy who was buzzing me in a frigate left then came back from a station in system flying a Mammoth industrial hauler. I can't catch ships that are leaving system since they warp to the gate and jump, but this guy didn't jump. He sat there.

I locked him to scare him off. Maybe he's afk for some reason? I check his bio and see he's a 2005 pilot, so definitely not a newb. I smell a trap.

I break my lock without activating any modules. He then locks me. Uh huh. I can figure out what's probably happening here. He's got a tank and a warp scram on that puppy and if I engage him, he'll try and tank my damage while the sentry guns fire on me or worse, buddies of his will warp in and kill me. Since I would attack him first, I wouldn't be able to jump.

I don't react immediately as I want to see if he will make the mistake of attacking me first, giving me rights to attack him and flee through the gate should his buddies appear. He manoeuvrered to try and get between me and the gate for bumping me out of its range, but I wasn't born yesterday (despite what my earlier Cerberus loss might suggest).

Figuring that any attacks I launch on any targets coming through the gate would allow him to snag me, I warped off and check out another gate.

Besides that excitement, no good targets presented themselves. One hauler was a possible target but the pilot logged as soon as he saw me and hadn't uncloaked and the game autowarped him away as a result. Another time an Amarr Arbitrator cruiser jumped through but I was extra leery of traps after tangling with the Mammoth pilot that I held off targeting and let him get away.

So after an hour I had no kills and no losses to show for it. Meh. It could be it was just a slow night, but I expected more kills. Maybe next time.

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