Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Training Plan

Remember that Absolutely Positively Set-In-Stone Training Plan? Well, perhaps not so much.

There are a number of factors that made me want to alter the plan.

1) The Vindicator is looking more and more like a n impulsive buy that really isn't worth it when I can buy 4-5 Rokhs for the same price and similar abilities.

2) The Chimera carrier I bought is calling my name.

3) I looking up some costs of skill books I need just to fly the carrier. They will cost me just over 1 billion. ONE BILLION! HOLY CRAP!

I still have a decent chunk of ISK but not quite one billion. And since the Vindicator would only be a pimp ship for showing off, I think selling it and getting the skills I need for the carrier is a more prudent choice. After all, the carrier can be my pimp ride. So my new plan is to finish the Tech II rails and blasters for Rokh-riding fun, and then get Tech II heavy missiles (already trained up the basic skill to V so no delay there), and then push for the carrier. In theory I can sit in the carrier on July 23rd.

Skill plan for Kirith Kodachi:
1. Large Hybrid Turret V
2. Large Railgun Specialization I
3. Large Railgun Specialization II
4. Large Railgun Specialization III
5. Large Railgun Specialization IV
6. Motion Prediction V
7. Large Blaster Specialization I
8. Large Blaster Specialization II
9. Large Blaster Specialization III
10. Large Blaster Specialization IV
11. Heavy Missile Specialization I
12. Heavy Missile Specialization II
13. Heavy Missile Specialization III
14. Heavy Missile Specialization IV
15. Caldari Battleship V
16. Drone Interfacing V
17. Warp Drive Operation V
18. Advanced Spaceship Command I
19. Advanced Spaceship Command II
20. Advanced Spaceship Command III
21. Advanced Spaceship Command IV
22. Advanced Spaceship Command V
23. Capital Ships I
24. Capital Ships II
25. Capital Ships III
26. Jump Drive Operation I
27. Caldari Carrier I

The skillbooks I need to purchase:
Heavy Missile Specialization = 3 million
Jump Drive Operation = 10 million
Jump Fuel Conservation* = 20 million
Jump Drive Calibration* = 30 million
Advanced Spaceship Command = 50 million
Capital Ships = 400 million
Caldari Carrier = 500 million

* = I know they are not on the plan but using a carrier without them trained up is pointless making them practically mandatory to train in August.

Eventually I'll need more skills like Fighters, Capital Shield Operations, Capital Shield Emission Systems, and later on Black Ops and Marauders.

All plans subject to change.

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