Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday Night Mining... Not

Last night I logged in earlier than expected and was ready to do hauling for the mining op (as my miner, Derranna, was off picking up stuff in the freighter in Amarr) but to my display, no one was on. So I ran a couple missions and got Technological Secrets which is a three part mission. The first part I completed easily, the second part was a simple high sec courier run (in which I forgot the package the first time) and the third part... damn. The third part is set to go in low sec.

I logged off for a bit to visit with the wife and such. Later on I log in to see if MNM is on or not and to my surprise found a PvP op being organized. One member was in Placid region already in a Deimos, and another was embarking from Nonni right now in another Deimos. I decided to join in and picked my Falcon to act as scout and tackler.

We hit the space lanes aiming for 13 jumps to our first member. Unfortunately he got into a tango with a Drake and a Blackbird when we were just heading out. We tried to get there as fast as we could since he was tanking them nicely, but then he reported a Minmatar Hurricane battlecruiser arrived and helped to put the hurt on him.

With our third member down, me and the other Deimos pilot decided to start hunting ourselves. Ah, good old Placid. There was a lot of activity in the system we were in and I was picking up targets on the scanner and then seeing them leave, probably just passing through the sphere of my scanner. Then a target showed up and didn't leave. I narrowed it down to near a belt, a Caldari Cerberus HAC. He couldn't be there really, right?

I warped to the belt regardless not really expecting to find anything there. But when I came out sure enough there was the elite tech II ship just 11 km of my bow. I hit approach, target, and activated the scram and web. As a bonus, he was flashing red which meant he was a bad boy to someone else and I would not suffer a criminal countdown. I caught him in my tackle gear and then activated the EWar to jam his missiles. Now I was hoping two things: that he didn't have Friend or Foe missiles that don't need a lock to hit and that he didn't have friends nearby.

Normally when hunting in my Falcon, a Heavy Assault Cruiser (HAC) is a target I avoid simply because I lack the DPS to break its tank. But since I was hunting with a mate in one of the highest DPSing cruisers in the game, the Cerberus was dead meet. My gangmate warped in and turned on the blasters and drones and the target melted in short order. It was a good clean kill and medals were given all around (although my buddy hasn't posted the killmail yet so maybe we need to rescind his medal).

By this time two other mates had caught up to us in a Minmatar Hurricane battlecruiser and Stabber cruiser and we set out looking for more victims. My time was limited and although I almost caught a Catalyst in a belt, no other action was to be had.

Tomorrow, Technological Secrets 3/3 in low sec!


  1. In 0.0, flashing red means nothing. You should know this. You get an aggression timer no matter who you attack, but never a criminal timer.

  2. We were in low sec, Placid region. Hence sec status hits were a concern. :)