Thursday, March 20, 2008

Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah Revealed

So along with the Jump Freighter, I plan to purchase the Ninveah soon.

"Ok Bill, we know you want us to ask so... what the heck is the Ninveah?"

I'm glad you asked!

You see, it started over 15 years ago when I got into playing Warhammer 40K. Eldar and Chaos were my two armies and after 10 years of concentrating on Eldar I started to really work on my Chaos to the point where it became my main army. As the obsession grew in, I got into Epic and Battlefleet Gothic in a big way.

Battlefleet Gothic is basically a recreation of the create age of sail in space 40,000 years in the future. Massive kilometre-long ships ponderously duelling long range battles of apocalyptic proportions... for a guy that grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars fantasies it really appealed.

So I was collecting a Chaos fleet for my Black Storm renegade marines and I needed a flagship. A big flagship. Something terrifying. I settled on the largest of the Chaos ships that were not called Planetkiller, the Despoiler battleship. Its a super-carrier that puts the fear of god into most opponents.

I wanted a cool name, something biblical perhaps. I was going for "Nineveh" but in my usual lazy-assed fashion I just wung it (winged it?) and settled on Ninveah (pronounced Nin-Vee-Ah) which coincidently appears to be an alternate spelling for Nineveh sometimes on the internet. Who knew?

Here is the flagship Ninveah Despoiler Class battleship:
(Click to Embiggen)

Hence my blog, which was originally just a Warhammer blog, was titled after the inner-most spaces of this impressive flagship.

When I started Eve, I decided early on that my favourite BFG ship would be reborn in New Eden so right from the beginning, years ago, I knew someday I would have a Chimera class carrier and its name would be Ninveah.

Of course, I'm month from flying one but dammit, I'll own it!

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