Monday, March 24, 2008

Bad Timing

Thursday night after taking care of all the corp's research endeavours I had about 15-20 minutes left of online time. I decided to grab the Onyx and do a little gate camping. I sent Derranna in her Blockade Runner and cloak to sit and watch and pick up any loot and seeing that the gate was clear, I jumped in.

I immediately saw a Gallente Viator blockade runner sitting there on the gate and foolishly decided to engage. It was either a stupid pilot or a trap and in hindsight I should have just got comfortable or waited until he left, but I was eager for a kill and still a little euphoric after escaping from the Battleship Suicide Op the previous night.

Well right after I engaged a Triumvirate Vagabond decloaked and engaged. Shit. Heavy Assault Missiles are great for damage but suck at hitting fast targets and the Vaga is the fastest cruiser vessel in space. Scrammed I was unable to warp off, and having just performed a criminal action I couldn't jump through the gate or face the wrath of CONCORD. Unable to hurt my attacker, I was forced to die the slow death from the gate guns and the Vaga. A buddy of his in a Pilgrim came to assist and kill my cap but it was a done deal already. I could have tried to tank longer with the cap injector but I was more interested in getting my pod out safely.

I talked to the pilot in local after I docked and had to wait out the criminal counter. Was it a trap that I eagerly fell into? No, he said, he was just sitting there talking in chat and saw a red flashy and decided to engage. Just my bad luck this time. Ah well, I bought that Onyx for gate camping only and expected to lose it sooner or later.

I spent Friday and Sunday morning running a few missions to work on my security status since at -1.43 I was approaching dangerous levels. This week, if I can't get in some gang PvP with corpmates, I might try can flipping again.

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