Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tech II Missiles

Well, last night I completed Heavy Assault Missiles V and started into Heavy Assault Missile Specialization for those Tech II launchers and Tech II missiles.

Which means its time for another round of trying to decide what to train next. I'm still torn between three main choices and a couple other minor possibilities.

1) Large Hybrid Turret V to get heading towards those Tech II large railguns and another step closer to Tech II large blasters. But still, it only benefits the Rokh in my hanger of ships and future ships. One month of training.

2) Vulture of Doom command ship. Probably the most reasonable choice as the ship is not overly expensive and is useful in small gang PvP and larger fleet PvP. But its 115 days of training and a lot of the skills don't lead to other larger vessels.

3) Black Ops Battleship. More expensive and a lot of the skills will lead up to the carrier I want someday, but again, a lot of training at 97 days.

And other possibilities:

4) Maurader Battleship: could be fun to fly but I really should have Tech II cruise missiles to make it worth it. 73 days

5) Tech II Cruise Missiles: useful on stealth bombers, Raven and Scorpion battleships, Tech II Widow and Golem battleships. 34 days

6) Tech II Heavy Missiles: useful on all the cruiser and battlecruiser ships I got Heavy Assault Missiles for. But then again, I like the HAMs more anyways. 12.5 days

7) Perfect ECM skills: The ultimate in modern jamming. Downside: I'm pretty good already. 54 days.

8) Gallente Cross-training. Get Gallente Frigate and Cruser to V to open up all their tech II cruisers and frigates, and then get Gallente Battleships. It would practically double the number of ships I could fly effectively, but greatly distract me from going forward into new abilities and classes of ships. 44 days.

And there's more but they are even farther down the list.

I've got a few says but more and more my gut tells me to finish off the Tech II rail guns and get that over with. Then I can buckle down into serious training for bigger tech II vessels.

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