Thursday, February 21, 2008

Memoir 44

Last night I visited Andrew and we played some Memoir 44. We like this game a lot, its our current favourite because of its simplicity of rules yet still having a deep amount of tactics, strategy, background, and flavour. Together we have all the expansions except the Pacific Theatre and the new Airpower.

We played a mission called The Gates of Moscow last night, and in it the outnumbered Soviets attempt to prevent the Germans from advancing further into the capital. Normally the missions were balanced but this one is extremely in favour of the attacking German forces. We played it twice, switching sides in the second round, and neither of us as the Soviets could prevent the Germans from running roughshod over the defenses. Just too many of them!

In the first game I was the Germans and I collapsed the left flank with a series of advances and attacks. In the second game Andrew's German advance rushed and destroyed the right flank in short order. Still, we had fun and it all took only 90 minutes.

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