Friday, February 08, 2008

Space Has Eyes...

Last night I logged in without any major responsibilities requiring attention. POSes? Fueled. R&D? Queued. Hauling? Nothing of import. So I decided to jump into my ratting Drake battlecruiser and hit some belts for some iskies.

I undocked and headed for the gate. And ran into a big gang sitting on it. A big gang of alliance members fortunately, but it gave me pause. I figured they were hunting something on the other side and if I warped through and got attacked and ganked, that would make me look like the biggest loser ever. So I acted all nonchalant and x'd up for the gang.

Note: To "x up for a gang" means to volunteer to join a group of players working together in a group called a gang or a fleet. You volunteer by typing an 'x' into a chat channel, and gangs have special abilities to make working in a group easier such as group warping, being able to warp to a gang member, getting boosts to speed/armour/sheilds/sensors from trained individual or command ships, and communication tool called broadcasts.

As usual, my timing was horrible. The gang had already killed some hostiles and it seemed the action had died down. There was interest in a roaming gang so we docked up to restock and use the facilities and then would head out again.

Before docking up the Fleet Commander (aka FC) asked if anyone could see what was going on in the next system. Apparently the fleet was lacking adequate scouts since everyone was in cruisers and battlecruisers (and one Marauder Battleship, a Golem, which was like 'what the hell!?') so I jumped into my Buzzard covert ops frigate and decided I would be the scout.

For the next hour I scouted ahead of the roaming gang as we looked for reds to engage. Unfortunately, it was quite and I docked up with no fresh killmails. But at least I got the Strife banner waved in front of the alliance and showed a willingness to be involved. Perhaps more action will be found on the weekend that starts tonight.

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