Friday, February 08, 2008

Gaming Blogs I Read

I subscribe to the RSS feeds of a number of blogs so I thought I would share.

Massively - News website for all MMO games. I only actually read a small percentage of the posts and a lot of columnists are completely ignorant of Eve Online's unique rules and stlye AND too many posts are about Second Life, but in general a good site to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Aeon's Eve - Eve blog, lacking updates the past few months. I'm hoping it picks up again but if not it will soon be dropped.

The Ancient Gaming Noob - This guy has an excellent blog, dabbling in lots of games including Eve, Wow, Everquest, and many more. Highly recommended.

Chimps In Space - Another blog lacking recent updates, down to one post a month.

Clockwork Gamer - A group of authors cover the industry, a nice site with lots of viewpoints.

CrazyKinux's Musings
- Just coming back from a month long sabbatical, the Eve blog is pretty good if lacking a lot of posts.

Ironfleet Towing And Salvage - An amusing blog amount the adventures of a high sec salvager who sees no issue in securing unanchored items for his corp's coffers. The hilarity ensues when other pilots foolishly oppose this activity.

MMOG Nation - A decent blog covering lots of games in the industry with a decent rate of posts.

Odd Pod Out - One pilot's view on Eve and its happenings. Irregular posting cycles but good quality stuff when posts do appear.

Of Teeth And Claws - A WoW blog written by a close friend covering guild progression in 25 man raids. Highly technical and well written with consistent posting rate. Too bad it wasn't Eve or it would be the BEST BLOG EVER!!!! ;)

Plaguelands - Another generalist blog covering WoW and Eve at the very least, with about a post-a-week schedule.

pΘtshΘt - Yes another generalist MMO gamer blog! It focuses on LotRO, WoW, and PotBS, but on the upside, this one sees multiple posts per week.

Ryan Shwayder's Nerfbat
- Need I say it? A generalist blog but this one is different! The author appears to be more than just a gamer, but an actual developer (or at least with insight into the development of MMOs). A good read, with active forums.

The Wizard of Duke Street - The blog covers not only MMOs, but science fiction in entertainment, other forms of gaming, and so forth. Sporacid posting lately though. - A well-known pilot in Eve, Winterblink writes from the veteran's perspective on the games goings-ons. Also has a Eve-themed webcomic called Warp Drive Active.

--- - Ah Alasseo, we meet again. :)

Alden's Take On Reality - A new blog of a corp mate, not sure he's found his blogging feet yet.

Bitter Old Noob - The author is another veteran pilot of Eve and just started this blog recently. I'm looking forward to see how it unfolds, if the first five posts are any indication.

Flavan's Adventures In Empire Space - In contrast to the veteran pilots, we have a player that started in October of last year writing this blog. Decent posting rate lately.

* * * * *
That's it! If you have a gaming blog, please post a link to it in the comments.

UPDATE: Feeling ambitious, I looked into using Google Reader to give me my list of subscribed feeds as a blog roll and what do you know?! It worked! Check it out on the sidebar.


  1. Anonymous1:38 pm

    I've got some more blogs, most are on my own blog in the blogroll, but I haven't added all of them there yet. I'll update it soon.

    And my blog is mostly about Eve-O as well, although I should go post a bit more there.

  2. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Thank you for reading! I always appreciate knowing someone is listening.

    Do you have any comments as to how I could make the site better? Your descriptor of 'decent' - twice - seemed to indicate that you see room for improvement. :D

  3. For an Eve Online addict like me, only more Eve Online content will do!

    And more personal stories of your adventures in the various games you play would be welcome as well. :)

  4. Anonymous5:30 pm

    ^MMO Nation: More Eve Online, less boring MMO stuff! ;-)