Monday, February 04, 2008

Outnumbered, Outgunned, but never Outclassed

Yesterday Games-Workshop St Laurent held a Battlefleet Gothic megabattle of all things! And even more surprising, my wife let me attend! On a Sunday! SWEET!

I love BFG, the thought of kilometers-long behemoths firing world-destroying weapons at each other gives me a kind of thrill, so I broke out a 1000 pt Chaos fleet and went to join the action.

Black Storm Hunter Fleet - 1000 pts
Caligo Eternus - Archeron Heavy Cruiser commanded by Lord Diomedes
Dark Viper - Carnage Cruiser
Darknight's Pride - Devastation Cruiser
Capricorn Retaliation - Slaughter Crusier commanded by Lord Kirith and the 6th Company
Cosmic Fire - Slaughter Cruiser

Along with my fleet, there was another Chaos 1000 pt fleet and two ork fleets totaling 1000 pts, all guarding an activated 750 pt Blackstone Fortress.

Out to kill the fortress was 3000 pts of Imperials... and 3000 pts of Eldar.


Badly outnumbered and outgunned, we went to battle with prayers to the Gods of Chaos to support us. It was bloody as the Eldar fleets pounced on the Orks and demolished 75% of their fleet in turn 1 while the Chaos fleets tangled with the Imperial Navy and Ultramarine battlebarge. We took down the battlebarge eventually while taking moderate losses to our ships, but the Eldar fleet ran up and started smashing the Blackstone fortress with repeated volleys despite losing many ships to its fearsome warp cannons.

In the end the huge fortress died as it was destined to do.

My fleet suffered only one causality as the Dark Viper bore the brunt of firepower from three Imperial cruisers. In return my fleet accounted for a space marine Strike Cruiser, some damage on the battlebarge, and crippling of two more Imperial Crusiers that were on the edge of destruction had I one more turn.

A good time, I now have the urge for a one on one game of BFG.

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