Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Activate Jump Bridge!

Last night I wanted to get the rest of my ships to the 0.0 outpost using my alt's Barak Vorn's carrier. Normally it would be one jump except the alliance has several POSes with cyno-jammers which means my cyno-pilot Optivus can't make the cyno field for the carrier to jump to.

What to do?

Fortunately Sylph is actually, you know, organized. The have a POS with a Cyno beacon setup at a nearby system that Barak, being part of the alliance, can lock on and jump to without the need of another pilot. Then from there, in theory, he can jump to the outpost system using a POS structure called a jump bridge which can link POSes in different systems and allow ships to jump there and back.

So I cyno jump to the beacon and right click on the jump bridge. No option to jump.

"Hmmm, maybe my capacitor has to be at 90% or better like normal jumps", I think. So I settle down and wait for the recharge to occur.

A few minutes later, I'm recharged. Right click, nothing. What the heck? Am I not doing it right? Do I need fuel in my cargo hold? Nope, that didn't work. What is going on here?

Just as I was about to ask for help in corp chat I realize I'm just over 5000 meters away. Probably too far away to use it and I approach. Sure enough, the option to access fuel and jump to another jump bridge structure appears as I close the distance to the right amount. Sigh.

I jump to the outpost system, warp to station, and dock safely. Now Kirith has his selection of vessels and is ready for wild and woolly adventures in 0.0 again.

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