Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Last night I was out in my trusty solo-Thorax looking for targets to melt. Soon thereafter Seven Six, a corpmate, joined me in his trusty Iskur Assault Frigate. We hit the space lanes and found a whole lot of nothing.

Nobody ratting, no one mining, the belts were empty.

Finally just as I was getting ready to log off we enter a system with one other in local. A Drake is on scan.

"Don't know if we can take a Drake," pondered Seven. I check the profile.

"Hell, he's a 2008 char, he shouldn't be in a battlecruiser and sure as hell shouldn't be out here," I reply.

We warp in, get the points on him, and start chewing him a new one. But wait, what if he is part of that alliance we are trying to get blue to? Sure enough, Seven checks the profile and finds Foundation alliance. CRAP! We call in the drones, disengage the weapons, and kill the rat pounding on him along with us. We send our apologies and some isk for the damage (we had him down to less than 25% armour), curse our bad luck, and head on.

Almost a kill. Sigh.

* * * * *

This morning I was online for about 45 minutes and figured I'd complete this storyline mission assigned to me where I had to move 40 units of sealed cargo cans from Gulfonodi to Hrokkur in low sec space, four jumps away. The catch? Each unit is 1000 m3.

In my trusty Badger MKII I would need about 4 trips and that was without warp core stabilizers, a death sentence should I run into any pirates. I decided to recruit Barak and his Occator Deep Space Transport vessel which could carry 10,000 m3 and have 4 warp stabs to boot.

I figured it would take thirty minutes for the four round trips. I was wrong. The Occator is slow slow slow! After making one trip I realized it would going to take too long to get the juicy 5 million isk bonus, so I opened a second client and got Derranna and her Mastadon Deep Space Transport on the go. She went without any warp core stabs in the lows, instead all cargo expander IIs so she could carry 20 of the cans and the last 10 by Barak. With Barak effectively scouting, I slogged the slow ships to Hrokkur, contracted the cans back to Kirith, and logged in as him.

"All done!" I told the agent with only minutes to space in my playing time.

"Nope," he replied, "you need to hand over the items in person."


So I will complete the mission tonight, no bonus isk included. Sigh. On the upside, another boost to my Minmatar faction standings is always welcome.

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  1. You folks have an interesting way of getting blue standings set..

    But hey, your ishtar was ballsy enough to engage me, so..