Monday, January 14, 2008

Shooting the Moon(s)

I knew my weekend schedule would see me up and about in Eve when the rest of the corp was sleeping or whatnot. Thus is my lot in life. So I decided to help out the industrial ambitions of Strife by scanning some moons.

I had never scanned moons before but the process seemed pretty easy. I decked out a badger with a scan probe launcher, filled up the hold with Discovery Probes, and hit the space lanes. It wasn't too hard and I had a moderate amount of fun helping out that way. By the end of Sunday morning I had scanned all 40 moons in the target system and generated a decent report. Not the most exciting Eve adventure, but it helps move us closer to actual moon mining.

As a side note, this morning Graviton Physics IV finishes for Kirith so the Onyx will be ready for low sec scrambling. And yesterday Derranna completed Caldari Encryption Methods V and started to work on Cruiser Construction V. Long skills but hopefully worth it.

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