Thursday, January 31, 2008

Skills, Skills, Skills

I haven't pontificated on skill training lately, so let's do that, shall we?

Kirith is deep in the Tech II missile training plan (after that detour for the Onyx Heavy Interdictor) and the support skills are slowing getting upgraded to IV. Right now I'm training Target Navigation Prediction to IV (another 22 hours) and then Warhead Upgrades to IV (another four days) and that will be it for the support skills. Once complete, I can concentrate on Heavy Assault Missions V (13.5 days, ugh) and then into my first Tech II missile skills, Heavy Assault Missile Specialization for four levels (5 days).

I'm still vacillating on whether or not to do more Tech II missile types since they all require a huge investment for that level V of the basic skill: 4.5 days for Rockets V, 9 days for Standard V, 8 days for Heavy V (I trained it 39% already), 22.5 days for Cruise V, and 18 days for Torpedo V. I guess the question is do I think I'll be using the other missile types on any ships? Cruise missiles on the Stealth bomber for sure, but that is the biggest training hurdle. For now I think I'll stick with HAMs.

So once I'm done with the Tech II missiles, I'm torn between Command Ship, Black Ops battleship, and Tech II large rails. Its a rotation between the three every day. Today I'm leaning towards getting the Tech II large rails done with for more damage in missions. Yesterday was the Vulture of Doom command ship, and tomorrow will be the Black Ops super ECM ship. Sigh.

As for Derranna, she's two and a half days from Cruiser Construction V completed and then... well, I don't know. She's been working on ship construction skills for so long I don't know what to do. Let's see.... *checks EVEMon* Ah, here we go. A plan called "Mods" I created last summer. Its got 13 skills taking only 6 and a half days! A lot of basic operational skills that she should have trained up for the hauling ships like Shield Upgrades, Warp Drive Operation, Evasive Maneuvering, and Navigation.

So I'll spend a week hot swapping skills like mad but that won't take long at all. What's really next?

Option 1: Well, I already have the skills for a Minmatar Freighter so let's get crazy and train up for a Minmatar Jump Freighter! Its a 61 day training plan... of course I'll never be able to afford one, can't even afford a regular one!

Option 2: More Construction! There is the Capital Ship Construction skill and Industrial Contruction skills. The latter is a good possibility (2 million isk and a few days) but the former is very expensive (75 mil!)and I'm not into producing capital ships yet.

Option 3: Industrial Skills: More factory control, better reprocessing skills. About two weeks and moderate costs.

Option 4: Science Skills: Get the ability to use archeological scanners, more ability to build other ship components and tech II items, switch R&D agents, etc. It would only take a couple weeks but the cost is considerable for all the skills, around 80 million.

Right now, all things considered, I'm leaning towards Option 3 to get more manufacturing slots in my control.

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