Thursday, January 31, 2008

Empty Handed

Last night I continued my hunting in the Falcon but couldn't find any targets to attack. Either the belts were empty, the ratters were battleships (twice), or they moved on before I could scan them down (three times). So after an hour of that a corpmate was on that was going to do a mission so I figured I would join in.

The first mission we did together in my Rokh and his Raven battleship and we made short work of the Serpentis rats. The next mission was the infamous Damsel in Distress mission and we tried it with me as the Damage Dealer in the Rokh and him in a Osprey cruiser with two shield transporters and shield repair drones so I could take a world of abuse and not break a sweat. It was easy, so much so that I'm now thinking of seeing how much training Optivus or Korannon would require to do the same thing.

Industry-wise, I've built 60 Invulnerability Field IIs and 20 Covert Op Cloaks that are going on the market today, and Derranna is only a handful of days from Cruiser Construction V.