Monday, January 28, 2008

"Reinforce the Shields!"

I didn't have a lot of game time this weekend, so what time I had I used to run some small missions to build up the wallet. I'm not sure what my next big purchase will be but I'm sure it will require a ton of ISK.

I switched my passive shield tank on the Rokh for an active one for the three missions I ran. Only one of the missions taxed it a bit, the other two were very easy. Still, so far I'm happy with it even if it does require more attention when things get hairy, balancing shields, capacitor, and cap booster charges at the same time along with the drones and guns.

The training for tech II missiles continues this week, with a number of support skills getting raised to IV before starting the two week effort for Heavy Assault Missiles V. Still on the fence about whether I'll finish Heavy Missiles V too or not.

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