Friday, January 25, 2008

Boy Scout

Flying solo through 0.0 space is a lot like driving at night in a thick fog with no seatbelt. You might make it safely to your destination, or you might hit a tree head on and go flying through the windshield face first.

The problem is visibility: you can't see beyond the next gate, hell your half blind coming out of any warp. There could be a hauler trying to run away from you or a 20 man gate camp ready to send you back to the cloning vats. Its worse than low sec because not even sentries are there to annoy the enemy and they can field nasty surprises like warp disrupt bubbles.

All that being said, the greatest feeling is zipping around 0.0 space in a Covert Ops frigate with a nice Covert Ops cloaking device install. The ability to warp while cloaked is reserved for two ships in each race and the small signature, fast warp speed, and quick agility of the frigate version makes it the perfect scout ship. Catch me if you can indeed.

I've been scouting space for the corp, trying to assess the viability of a certain area for us to move in and make a low sec base of operations for ISK generating purposes. Its not terribly exciting, but it sure is nice to feel safe in 0.0 space for a chance.


  1. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Ironically, I took my First dip into 0.0 today, and I reflect that what you said is true.

    My metaphorical tree was a pirate who blew up my shuttle and then podded me for no f**king reason.

    I hate people.

    And I'm too poor to afford cloaking!

  2. He likely had a reason: you were entering his space.

    Before you say a shuttle could have done no harm, there's valuable intelligence you could have provided on fleet movements, composition of the gatecamp, POS defenses..