Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tech 2 Missiles

So I've decided (this week anyways) to train for Tech 2 missiles after I complete the Recon and HAC skills in early December.

Originally I was abandoning missile altogether but its become apparent that outside of leaving Caldari almost entirely, I'm hamstringing myself too much. Only the Rokh has enough rail turrets to cover all high slots, all other rail ships have some high slots that either must be a missile or utility:
Merlin: 2 guns /2 missiles
Moa: 4/2
Ferox: 5/2
Harpy: 4/1
Raptor: 2/2
Eagle: 4/2
Vulture: 5/2

And to make matters worse, the new ships are all missile using. So time to bite the bullet and increase my flexibility.

I'm going to start with Tech 2 Heavy Missile Launchers as that will be the most useful: cruisers, battle cruisers, recons, and HACs can all use them. After that, probably Standard Missile Launchers for frigates, and that also opens up Assault Missile Launchers. Finally, I'll train up tech 2 cruise missiles for the Battleships and Stealth Bomber.

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