Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hey you... Die?

Last night I joined some corp mates on running a level four mission like I've been wanting to do for a while now. I debated which ship to take on the journey.

An assault ship like the Harpy would have been great for anti-frigate support but not much else. I considered a Ferox battlecruiser which would take on frigates, cruisers, and help out against battleships, but I needed to buy one, outfit it, and that was a lot of hassle especially when I had a perfectly good Rokh battleship already in my hanger and it could handle all kinds of rats since I use the ship for mission running solo style.

So I threw some ammo in its hold and whisked off to join them. When I get to the system I warp to the mission and start targeting the slew of frigates.

And I can't hit them. Even with blasters!

You see, when I run missions myself I warp in and immediately turn around and start moving away. The rats target me and give chase, dropping the transversal velocity to near zero allowing the tracking of even rails to ping the small ships and drop them like flies until they get within 15 kms and then I finish them off with my drones. Easy.

But the rats in this mission had all targeted the other two pilots and were orbiting them meaning the transversal was through the roof and not even the superior tracking of the blasters could hit them. Since I didn't have a webber I couldn't slow them down and thus was useless against the frigates. The cruisers and battleships? Those I could rape and and did so with gusto, leaving our combined drone armada to deal with the frigates.

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