Friday, November 09, 2007

The Ships I Like

Its been a while since a new ship class came available to me. Last one was Assault Ships back in the early summer I think. So I've had some time to fly and get used to what I like and don't like and now I've decided to list out the ships I like in each class. You, the reader, get to suffer.

Out of the T1 frigs I've flown, my favourite is the Merlin. It looks cool, and has decent stats. I hate the split weapon system but its not really about damage all that much anyways. The Kestrel is a good utility ship with a large cargohold and lots of missile hardpoints, but the Merlin will always hold a special place in my heart.

Since I only use this class for salvaging, I'm going to go with the Thrasher. Good cargo space, fast, agile, and two low slots for expanders.

I love the look of the Caracal, but I don't have the missile skills to make it rock in PvP. At best I'm a support pilot in it. The Moa only has four turret hardpoints so while it can tank decently, its got low DPS. So I turned to Gallente and the Thorax has everything I want: lots of blasters, decent speed, ok tanking, drones, and not too expensive.

The Ferox is like a big version of the Moa: not enough turret hardpoints especially when compared to the fearsome Brutix. The Drake is ok for missile guys, but the Mrymidon fits my style a lot better. Favourite? Brutix for the same reasons as the Thorax.

Finally a Caldari turret ship not crippled by inadequate hardpoints. The Rokh is perhaps my favourite ship to fly overall: awesome tanking, decent DPS, ability to do well with blasters or rails, and enough dronebay to field five T2 mediums. In fact, comparing the Hyperion and the Rokh is proof positive that the Moa and Ferox would not be overpowered with +1 turret hardpoint at a minimum.

Tech II is more difficult since I can only fly Caldari ships at this time so I won't bother. Out of the T2 frigates I have available to me, I like the Raptor for its low price and high speed. Although the Manticore has the potential to be fun.

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