Monday, November 12, 2007

Is It Cheating?

When I run missions, as soon as a mission is assigned I look it up in the collected guides from other Eve players to see what to expect. I didn't used to do this but when I lost my 300 million ISK Rokh (RIP Insisto Oblivium the first) to a mission where the small warp scrambling frigs were triggers to additional waves of drone battleships (Attack of the Drones back when it was first out) I learned a harsh lesson: knowledge is power.

A lot of missions are pretty straightforward in the execution: warp to room, target the small stuff first that can get under my tracking, and work my way up. Its the missions with triggers that you can suddenly find yourself facing twice as many rats as your expected when you warped in. So I read the guide, see what others reported, and act accordingly. So far its worked: rarely do I warp out when taking armour damage, and only rarely am I surprised. And never dead.

But I admit it does feel like cheating. I always think I should be warping in with nothing but the mission description, sitting on the edge of my seat, eyes peeled for an unexpected wave. And I would if I could afford it but in Eve losing a powerful T2 outfitted and rigged battleship is no small matter for all but the richest, and I'm not rich. Wealthy yes, with lots of ISK sunk into ships and mods, but my mission Rokh is easily the most expensive. I'd hate to lose it again.

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In industrial news, Razor is building 110 Invulnerability Field IIs this week which is our largest batch thus far. I'm settling into a schedule like this: build and sell cloaks at the beginning of the month, build and sell Invul Fields in the middle of the month. Each batch provides the profit for the dividend and more money to invest into ship invention. Now that we've setup for the T2 battleships, I can start looking into smaller invention project like frigs, destroyers, and cruisers.

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  1. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Yes, it is cheating. You're cheating yourself out of the extra thrill that risk creates. Was it not you who noted that one of Eve's greatest assets was the necessity of risking the huge investment that a ship represents...there are no free "do overs" like you find in other games!

    I guess if you're just running a mission for Isk not fun, than it doesn't matter.