Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm Not Dead!

Summer vacation is over now and a quick review of what I've been up to in Eve.

July 21-28 - Camping in wilderness, no Eve.

Since July 28 - Well, my corp (Omen) and alliance (Storm Armada) in Deklien basically had a falling out and the corp left the alliance for a new alliance in Fountain region. The bad news is that due to the sudden move a lot of people lost track of a lot of stuff and basically I think I have to write off a few hundred million ISK worth of property. In addition, a put some stuff I couldn't carry on market in Deklien before I pulled out including a scorpion battleship that hasn't sold yet. So I'm hurting a lot for money.

I'm trying to rat in Fountain in a T1 fitted Ferox and its not pleasant. I want to save up for a battleship but until I make another 50-60 million isk or the Scorp sells, I'm stuck.

On the bright side, my EWAR skills are done in a week and I can start working towards recons which are only a month more training, most of which is Caldari Cruiser V (23+ days). Or assault frigs. Damn. Maybe both.

As for the Industrial side of things the CEO bug was finally addressed last week and my POS is anchored and running. I've re-opened the research service to the public and I'm working on getting income to support the POS fuel going. Invention continues to provide some decent profit and the Cloaking Device BPO finally came out of the copying labs. Things are looking up.

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