Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back In the ISK

Last night that pesky scorpion sold in Deklien so I was back over 100 million isk. I promptly spent a whack of it buying some stuff for my Ferox and 0.0 base and I'm sitting just over 90 mil now. So the question becomes, what next?

After being burned so badly in Deklien such that I became destitute enough that I had to borrow 5 million from a friend to outfit a T1 Ferox for ratting, I'm very hesitant to buy and outfit more ships in 0.0 space right now. I'd like a ratting battleship, PvP raptors, exploring Buzzards, and maybe a PvP fitting battlecruiser out there, but I'm not going to rush it this time. The Ferox can suffice for ratting and any PvP support until I get more money and setup a decent battleship for ratting.

Now, I'm back in this place again: what battleship? Raven is great for ratting but not much else. Rokh is good for ratting with my skills and decent in PvP but costs a lot of money. Scorpion is the worst for damage output but is the cheapest and handy in PvP. Dammit, I'll try the Scorpion again. Sigh.

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