Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Path Chosen

I found out on the weekend that some old corpmates are joining a corp with the goal to move into 0.0 and make a home. I asked if I could tag along with Kirith and was told that would be great.

The question is, am I ready for 0.0 now? Last time with No Quarter I had a rough go losing a Raven battleship and generally feeling out of place in that large organization. But now I've got a replenished wallet, access to Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers, and Interceptors, and a lot more T2 mods available to me. Just finished training for T2 Tracking Computers last night so my Rokh is T2 outfitted in the mids and lows. I feel ready.

On the industrial side of things, my lab slots are finally finishing that ME research on the rigs and as soon as the first one opened up I got that cloaking BPO in for two max run copies. That will take a month (damn POS not ready!). I've got one slot free now and I'm waiting another four to five days for more to come free so I can run multiple invention jobs at once for Large Shield Extenders and Shield Rechargers.

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