Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Woo hoo!

Much to my astonishment, my petition for the CEO problem received a response today and I'm now director of my new corp which will allow me to start moving operations over. Woohoo! Also, I was able to kick off a vote to make me CEO and so tomorrow afternoon at this time I should know if it works.

Finally progress! Now I can start planning on getting the POS up and running and moving my R&D operations over. Muhahahah!

In other news, today at lunch I took my module stockpile up to Rens and sold it all. You see, I decided that since I upgraded my abilities most of these mods I don't need anymore since I can use the T2 variants and I had a whack load that I didn't feel like hauling wherever it is that my new corp decides to go. So I filled up my hauler (and then some), took it to Rens, and sold it all. I got 100 MILLION isk! Holy crap! That was unexpected and a pleasant surprise. I celebrated by buying 4 raptors cheap at 3.8 mil each.

The raptor interceptor is going to be my main gang PvP ship in the new corp, acting as a suicide tackler / scout. At 4-6 million per ship it doesn't hurt to lose it and its as fast (both in real-space and warp) as other interceptors. I'm also considering becoming an EWar junkie in a Blackbird and Scorpion later in the summer as I only need a couple weeks of training to get the skills up to decent levels. That will be very useful in gang situations as well.

As for solo PvP, still looking at the Myrmidon as my weapon of choice, or perhaps the cheaper Thorax.

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