Friday, June 22, 2007


I was running missions recently and while the ISK, loot, and salvage have been great, the standings climb is so freaking slow. I hit over 200 million in my wallet and said SCREW IT! I'm hiring help.

So I went looking and I'm in the process of buying a corp with high faction standings to set up the POS I want. Its gonna cost but ironically ISK is cheap and a high sec POS will allow my industrial aspirations to move faster.

Unfortunately, the downside is that KODA must die and be replaced my a new corp. (Shareholder take note: as the transfer goes you will receive new shares in the new corp to replace the KODA ones at a one to one basis.) This makes me sad as I invested actual cash for the domain but lesson learned. Now I have to make sure to not pay the renewal fees.

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