Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Patch Day!

Revelations II is being installed on the servers today, so no Eve for me. I had some good sessions on Friday evening and Saturday morning, knocking off four missions. Yesterday I started and finished another mission, but this one was actually a challenge.

It was Pirate Invasion with the Angel Cartel. You warp in and no rats are there, and then suddenly four groups materialize. One aggros and you think "ok, I can handle this" and then as soon as you start shooting a second group aggros and now you've got 8 battleships pounding you with cruise missiles, torps, and artillery as well as the few cruisers and frigs buzzing around.

I admit some worry creased my brow.

Fortunately, the Vespa IIs were more than a match for the intercepting frigs and my shield tank was awesome with resistances around high seventies for both explosive and kinetic damage, the high points of Angel ships. I did have to warp out to recharge twice, but after that I was able to tank 6 battleships easily and clean out the herd. Nice total bounty collected and decent salvage too.

On the business side of things, the weekend saw decent sales of the Invul Field IIs at a much lower price than I would have preferred. Still making a healthy profit but nowhere near what it was before. That means I'll need to sell more units before the profit sharing dividends are paid out, that's all.

In the good news department, rig production made a couple rigs and sold one of them for handsome amounts of ISK, and after the patch I can train up some more Graviton Physics in anticipation of the Cloaking Device copying and research for datacores.

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