Friday, May 18, 2007

A More Sanguine View of Eve Life

I'm pretty much gotten over the loss of the Raven. While losing 100 million+ for the ship and the clone with decent implants, it was still cheaper than losing the Rokh was. *shudder* PLus I got insurance payout which means my losses totaled around 50-60 million. Nasty but not devastating.

I've decided to get back on the horse and go back out to 0.0 and rat in the Drake. After all, it was not too bad and after reviewing my skills I found there was two skills (Guided Missile Precision and Warhead Upgrades) that I had access to that would improve my damage output. Plus my drone skills are increasing right now and should cause more damage as well.
Rebuild the wallet and think about the future for Kirith in terms of what ships to fly for PvP and such.

On the other hand, my T2 production is working very well and making lots of money. If it keeps up this well for a couple months I'll make enough money to own a couple battleships.

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