Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm Back!

Wow, no updates since the 18th? Well, I was gone all weekend with my wife to Toronto to celebrate our wedding anniversary and then excepting Monday evening I've had no real time to do anything in Eve due to being busy. Fortunately things appear to be getting back under control.

Still, the great thing about Eve is that things can happen even if you don't get online much.

My T2 sales tanked this past week as the market price dropped quite a bit and my stock stopped moving. Kinda sucks. I'm trying to sell some in another region where volume moves slower but prices are still high, but otherwise I will sit on the stock and see if prices rebound. If not, I'll chop my profits and get what ISK I can.

I sold my research assistant for a cool 300 million ISK that I'm not sure how to use yet. Is a new Rokh in my future? We'll have to see.

Skill-wise, I've made great progress getting my missile and drone skills increases so that they both do more damage, and I can use T2 Caldari light and medium drones. Still got work to do in the shields and exploration area, and I want to get into Interceptors soon too. Maybe thrown on Evasive Maneuvering V on today. Its a nine day skill that will only get shorter by training it.

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