Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good Thing I Brought a Gun To A Knife Fight

Last night I was running a couple missions to get that last standing increase for the next agent. I ran one mission and it was the normal fare, warp in, kick some ass, collect reward. I asked for another and got one. I warped to the encounter point and read the details on the way.

Whoa, I thought, the reward is over a million ISK! And four hundred loyalty points. Normally I've been seeing 250K ISK and ~100 LPs. Something is up. I get to the encounter and nothing serious seems to be amiss. A few frigs and three cruisers? Easy in my Caracal, easier in the Ferox. I started fighting and as the cruisers started to go down, that's when I realized the difference.

SPAWNS! Every time I killed the biggest bad guy another wave of 10-15 ships arrived to kick my ass.

Surprisingly, the Ferox was up to the task. My sheilds were firm and only once dipped below half but I never needed to warp out. My weapons were deadly as the enemy approached sometimes insta-popping frigs. And I had swapped out the Sensor Booster for a webber that proved awesome against anything that got within 10 KMs. Best of all my capacitor never dropped below 50% even with afterburner, webber, and all the weapons firing. I'm extremely pleased.

After the battle was done the screen was filled with wrecks:

It was worth it though, I'm now ready for the highest quality level 2 agent in this division and getting close to my first level 3 agent. Booya!

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  1. Anonymous9:43 am

    You rock man! One of these days, I'm gonna have to tag along on a mission (not that you need it!)

    I'm glad you Ferox is really working for you now.