Monday, February 05, 2007

Ferox is Fun

Down to 18+ days on the remedial training plan and I'm starting to feel like progress is being made. My basic gunnery skills are slowly getting up to par with Gunnery at V and Medium and Small Hybrid Turret at IV, while finishing Weapon Upgrades IV Tuesday. I still have Motion Prediciton III and IV before moving onto the Engineering and Drone skills.

Although the Assault Caracal has been doing me just fine in missions I decided to keep using the Ferox so I can play with it and get used to the different operation of the railguns compared to missiles. Right now I find I can really kill things 30-70 kilometers away but once they get within 20 klicks the transversal velocity goes up too high for my tracking speed to keep up to. Motion Prediction will help with that a bit but the lesson is kill them before they get close! Fortunately I have my light missiles and drones to assist in that case and I plan to improve the drones significantly over the next few months.

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