Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Dilemma That Is The Ferox

When I decided to switch to concentrating on training Hybrid weapons like railguns instead of missiles, two ships were the reason: the Ferox and the Rokh. I figured the Ferox couple be my main ship for missions and PvP, and the Rokh would be my big guns vessel for when the situation called for it.

Since then I have learned that the Ferox has issues. Before Kali many people fielded it as a missile boat, basically a bigger Caracal. With the debut of the Drake battlecruiser the Ferox has fallen even further from grace and I can understand why. Its frustrating to try and equip this beast with weapons that the Moa can field just as easily and almost match in damage output. Its hard to see a Drake that has a tank and so many missile launchers that your head spins. And it sucks to try and fit bigger weapons on it and see the power grid run out so quickly. And when flying it the capacitor drains like someone put a hole in the gas tank.

I know my skills are lacking and hence the three week self improvement regiment. I'm hoping I have better success with the Ferox at the end of February but if this frustration continues, I may have to re-evaluate my choices.

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