Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yarrrr! I be a Pirate!

Well, maybe not in the traditional sense.

I found a posting in the Eve forum about how one can pirate the NPC convoys in high security. This interested me greatly because I often see these convoys but never knew how to take them out without getting CONCORDed or zapped by sentry guns. Last night I decided to give it a try as I ran into a convoy in Slays as I returned to base in my hauler.

I got in my current Caracal, the Echos of Itrin and undocked. I thought about using the Ferox but figured if things go badly, I'd rather lose a Caracal. I shadowed the two ships making up the convoy I spotted and saw they were heading away from the Duvolle Labs station so that meant they belonged to that corp. No other Duvolle Lab stations in system so no worries about getting attacked at the destination system.

Suddenly they blipped out of sight. I noted the stations in that general direction and warped to them. Weren't at the first one, but at the second station I found them. Afterburner on, heart beating, I tore out at them and locked and fired, tensing as I waited for sentry gun fire in case I made a mistake. None. Muhahahahahah!

My heavy and light missiles tore through the convoy ships with ease and in seconds I was facing two wrecks. Emboldened, and knowing I could not go near the Duvolle Labs station for 15 minutes while the agression countdown was up, I spotted a larger convoy heading out from the current station and I tailed it. Two larger convoy ships and two smaller ones. They blipped out of existance and I headed out to stations nearby to find them.

After two checks I had them on scanner and again I put on the afterburner. Since these convoy ships were larger, I launched the warrior drones too. Locked at 60 klicks, missiles away at 55. Bam! One down, then two. Yeeha! The last two did not stand a chance. Easy kills.

I let the agression countdown tick down and went to get the hauler to carry my loot. I got about 500K ISK worth of trade goods from the wrecks, nothing to write home about but I figure here in the lowest of High Security Space it is what can be expected. I plan to try out higher security systems and see what the convoys have there to offer in terms of resistance and rewards.

One way or another, I be a pirate laddie.

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