Wednesday, January 03, 2007


You may remember the drama of the new Hyperion battleship and Mrymidon Battlecruiser blueprints from when the latest Eve update went live in November.

The plan was to make and sell a bunch of those ships to make huge profits when they were selling high. However, we built about 8 of the BCs and 1 of the BSs and basically made about 100 million for the corp when all was said and done. The prices of the ships on the market plummeted to near mineral cost making getting the initial investment back in a short time frame almost impossible. In order to make the money, we are going to have to build and sell for many months to come and getting that mineral supply line has proven very difficult.

And then this past weekend the person that impetuously bought those BPOs without consulting the corp using his money got reimbursed for the BC BPO purchase. But still claims ownership of the blueprint. If you just did a "WTF?" then we are on the same page because that's right folks, we owns a 384 million ISK blueprint and got paid 384 million. He's up 384 million on that deal and the corp wallet is emptier than it was before all of this.

Yes, we still have access to the blueprint until he decides to leave the corp. But if he leaves tomorrow, the corp is out 384 million ISK minus the little profit we made so far.

Renting out a blueprint to your corp is a valid exercise to make money off , but I disagree with the timing and amount of payment in this case. I think the whole project was poorly conceived on a whim, executed without thought, and now is leaving the corp with thinner wallet and no guarantee of making that money back, much less profit. And in order to have any hope of making profit, we have to bust our asses off to get those minerals somehow, build the ships, and sell them. A lot of work for many people in the corp while the owner of the BPO has 100% profit secured. I think it is fortunate that the corp doesn't have the 1.8 billion ISK so he can make a case for the battleship BPO payoff.

In the end though, I've made my points to those in command and they have made the calls that is their right to make. I can only learn from this for the future of my own venture someday.

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