Monday, January 08, 2007

Wow! A Lot Can Happen...

... In a couple days.

On Friday a senior corp member comes in and says "let's build a POS in low sec!" And surprisingly, the corp jumped on board. Now we are talking move to a new area and becoming landlords! Sweet.

On top of that, the current Director of Manufacturing is changing characters and moving more into the operations and tactics side of things and I got the nomination to be the new Director of Manufacturing. I'm so pleased to have been put forward and all that is required to make it official is CEO approval. Another step up on the corporate ladder.

I'm rethinking my plan about moving towards Caldari freighter and Transport ships. I looked at skill book costs and they are quite significant. The freighter and skillbook would be over a billion which I knew about, but the transport Bustard and skillbook is almost 100 million combined which is more than I want to shell out at the moment.

Plus, I'm starting to make more money in the buy and resell market instead of the trade good transportation. My Trade skills allow me to buy and resell without visiting a station and that is handy as all get out.

So my current plan is being revised and I'm going to spend the next couple weeks finishing my trade skills and then move into an Interceptor. Raptor, here I come!

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