Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Craftworld Canathius versus Blood Guard

Pictures found here.

It was a 1500pt challenge game between Marty and I. Last time he came out the victor and this time I planned to change that outcome.... *snort* yeah right! With more of my models still unpainted and my troops limited to ten guardians and 6 jetbikes, every game is a wild ride lately. And going against the leader of the challenge board was making this game more than an uphill battle, it was like scaling a cliff!

Again I faced a marine heavy force like Lawrence's, only this time lacking the horde of Apothecaries and librarian. On the other hand, ten terminators. *Shudder*

I deployed wisely and felt no shooting come my way in the first marine turn, but the very first action on my turn was to Guide the falcon with my Farseer. Snake Eyes. Note that I didn't have Runes of Witnessing, it was all natural double ones. OK, Ghosthelm is 3+ save from Perils of the Warp, right? Another one. Uh oh. Roll to wound 2+... six. You know what a str 6 unsaveable wound does to a 170 pt toughness 3 multiwound general? It makes me cry.

From that inauspicious start I played one of my best games recently and drove for the throat with everything, flanking his marine strongpoint in a Cleanse mission while using building to block line of sight from the dev squad and its four missile launchers. Marty responded by deep striking his two squads of terminators with two assault cannons each right in my path and it turned into a question of this: could virtually the entire Eldar army overcome a tactical squad, chapter master, and 10 terminators in cover?

It took all 6 turns to find the answer and the battle swayed back and forth the whole time, never tipping enough in one person's favour to win it. In the bottom of turn 6 I killed the chapter master to overcome the flank with only my jetbikes, falcon, and one vyper alive. We tallied up the points and found that Cleanse objectives were equal and victory points he was 144 pts in the lead, 6 points shy of a win! Draw!

What an amazing game. Tactically we both played pretty good (which considering the last debacle I played against Lawrence is a vast improvement for me) and luck seemed to vary wildly between us. For example:

- My farseer dies in turn one to Perils of the Warp
- Niether terminator squad arrives in turn 2, land speeder only kills two Dark Reapers
- Over 1000 pts of Eldar fire into terminators and kill only three of them. Terminators shoot and kill 11 Striking Scorpions.
- Four missile launcher shots and a lascannon fail to penetrate the armour of a wave serpent, and while charging chapter master and terminators kill four striking scorpions, next turn guardians kill two terminators in close combat! And later wound the chapter master twice before going down.
- Wave Serpent survives another barrage of missile launchers, but second wave serpent dies to single plasma gun hit.
- Last turn, Falcon lines up chapter master in terminator armour with one wound. Brightlance misses and fails to wound, but twin shuriken catapult and scatter laser get two wounds, and he fails one of the armour saves! That was a game saver for me and put me into draw range.

Great game Marty, I look forward to the rematch.

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