Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend Battles

Battle #1: Friday night I went out with a gang of corpmates and we hunted around the region. Didn't see any action in my Ferox, but did check out a destroyer wreck at a gate while waiting for the go ahead ot jump through and snagged a bunch of tech 2 laser crystals and beam lasers. Woot!

Battle #2: Since getting the wireless router it has been great playing Eve sometimes (like two hours Friday night) and complete suckage other times like Saturday. In the morning and evening I could not keep connected for longer than 5-15 minutes unless I was simply autopiloting. Trying to read the market or move mods around and BAM, disconnect. Frustrated I tried some things but no luck. Finally Sunday morning I decided to update the firmware on the router. This proceeded to blow away my settings and I could not find the backup on the hard drive. Thus I spent another hour trying to get the settings back to what they were and get back on the internet. At one point I was ready to scream. Finally I got it and Eve was back to disconnect free playing.

Battle #3: We've been moving furniture around (hence the new wireless router) and I wanted to fond a good place for the router and modem. It had to be near a phone jack and out of the way while still giving a good signal strength to the computer. I tried two different spots in the house involving moving furniture and getting tangled in wires and quite frustrated before going back to the original location anyways. I was trying to avoid using a long phone extension cord but had to in the end and it seems to not be causing any undue problems with connections.

Battle #4: Sunday evening I played for about two hours and ran some missions for the Republic Fleet. After I succeeded I opened up a batter quality agent at the same level and closer to home base which was a bonus. No disconnects either. Woo hoo!

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