Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I am a Weak Weak Man

Last night I ran into the disconnect problem again, but rebooting the router ISP connection seemed to solve it for last night.

Anyway, once I got on and playing I deciding to do a trade run in the new region. I have not done any since leaving Placid and made a couple runs as well as a couple courier missions to net a couple million when all was said and done. Not as good as Placid, but haven't explored all the possibilities yet. I also found a caracal for sale cheap that I bought and turned around hoping to make a few hundred thousand. While cruising I was checking out contracts and ran across a Caldari Navy Hookbill for 37.5 million and bought it on impulse. Its pretty cool, like a suped up Merlin with an extra low slow.

In the bright light of day, I'm kind of regretting it but I've heard rumours I can turn it around for forty mil in Lonetrek. I'm gonna AFK it up to Caldari space and but it up on contract, see if I can get some money for it.

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