Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ups and Downs

Last night I got some good time in and had some ups and downs while playing.

Ups: Derranna is making good progress training, getting started on Advanced Lab Operation and Supply Chain Management, as well as getting Mass Production 4 and Scientific Networking 2 completed for another factory slot and the ability to operate labs from 5 jumps away. Quite simply she is almost complete. I'm training Mimitar Frigate III right now over the patch day, and then work on Advanced Lab Operation tonight. By Dec 16 she will be complete and ready for transfer. Woot!

Meanwhile Kirith is making progress on Navigation 5. I bought him an Osprey cruiser for mining ops, and did a hauling favour for Minessis in my Badger MKII that I'm really beginning to like. I bought some named cargo expanders and found I can carry over 10K m3 of cargo, enough to haul a packed cruiser and some mods. Visions of distant mining ops run through my head, especially as I consider what occurred first...

Downs: an importu PvP sessions started the evening and I jumped in my Caracal and rushed into action. Four of us tried to engage a Raven but her sheild tank was tough and Drones had locked despite our efforts to jam. A couple ships were lost and we warped out... except I warped to a gate, forgetting I was in low sec and not 0.0, hence the sentry guns targeted me. I tried to warp away but got my ship tied up in the gate structure and was easily destroyed. DAMN!

I'm such a terrible PvPer right now and its so depressing. Its a good thing my industrial projects are developing nicely.

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