Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Last night I had a good 90 minute session in which I spent the time consolidating assests and getting organized. I had giant secure containers in Stacmon, new Caracal in Orvolle, skillbooks in Agoze, and still had that 4 million tritanium in Intaki. Not to mention a new mining laser in another station in Pelille. And Derranna was not in 31MLU overseenig research projects. It was horrible.

So Derranna flew back to 31MLU and may never leave now that she had her final skills being trained. The rest of the time was spent with Kirith and running around Placid getting stuff organized. My Badger MKII got three Giant secure cans to increased my hold space by 2700 m3, allowing me to haul 1.3 million tritanium to the factory. Still have a couple more runs, but that's ok. I got new skillbooks for Social skills to help my mission running, increasing standings and rewards, as well as Cybernetics to look into implants. And finally I picked up and fitted out a new Caracal to replace the one I lost to my own stupidity.

Finally I purchased a 5 run ME20 Ferox BPC for personal production for 2.1 million. Ferox's don't sell for much more than it costs to make them so I will build some for my new PvP and PvE ship to replace the Caracal when my skills get up to snuff.

In other news, I've got a 1700 pt game against Nick (Bourgui) tonight at the Bunker. Another chance to try out the new Eldar, woohoo!

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