Friday, December 22, 2006

Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone!

I trained up a level of Industry last night. Sigh.

Yes, that damn Bustard is haunting and taunting me. I have to have it. So once my Trade skills are complete enough I will train up the next level of Industry. I am a sad sad man.

Anyway, last night I got some playing time and made some ISK trading. How much? Let me see...

I spent on goods: 25,429,904
I sold the goods for: 33,171,176
So I made: 7,741,272

Not bad, not bad. But no more time to make money right now, I have to run up to KODA HQ and pick up all those minerals I bought for IPORC. Meanwhile, Derranna started training Refining V so she can move on to Refining Efficiency skill.

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