Thursday, December 21, 2006


I'm sad because I haven't had much time for any Warhammer or Eve much since my game Monday night. Haven't even been able to unpack my models! *horror*

In Eve I was to take my expanded Badger II out but so far have been unable to do more than one in system run. I spent a lot of money recently and need to get out and make some to replace it! Very frustrating, but at least I have gotten two of Derranna's clones in position and the third, frankly, is in no rush.

I'm still being tempted by that damn Bustard transport ship though. Frig. I might train up Industry when no one is looking after I get these Trade skills up to par. Speaking of which, they are coming along nicely with Trade IV coming in this evening and buying and selling remotely working like a charm now.

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