Friday, December 08, 2006

Run Run Run!

Last night in EvE I spent a lot of time travelling and not a lot of time doing much else.

You see, I wanted to start running level 2 missions because level 1 was not making very much money for the effort. So I found out that training up Connections a few levels would help out a lot. After two levels of that skill, I had access to some lvl 2 agents, but they were in different regions then Pelille. So I decided to grab my slumbering jump clone in Itrin and transport one of the Caracals in storage there up to a new base in Verge Vendor where a lvl 2 agent could be found. Twenty one jumps later (thank god for WTZ!) I arrived at my new station.

Of course, I had a ship with no mods and nothing else to fly. Ever try running a mission in a ship with no weapons? Me neither. So I went on the market and decided to buy a Cormorant for mission running, and equipment to outfit it. Then I hoped in a shuttle to go pick all this new stuff up and put it on the new ship. By the time I made it back to base, I had a fully equipped and armed Destroyer raring to go to battle for less than 2 million. Sweet! Of course, all of this took my playing time for the night but I'm ready to go at next opprotunity.

In other news, Derranna has started Adv Lab Ops 3, her second last skill to train. It will be done tonight at 7pm, and then she starts the final 8 day training to level 4.

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