Monday, December 11, 2006

Awesome Eve Weekend

I had a great weekend playing Eve, even if only for a few hours here and there.

Friday night I got into a squad of corp mates and did some PvP, helping to take down a couple ships before having to log. I was only in my Merlin, but it was nice to see some action and get more experience.

Saturday morning I flew up to Umokka to buy some minerals from John and fly them back to Pelille. Along the way I saw a great price on a Ferox and snatched it up. I then bought the skill book required, trained it up, and flew it home. I'm now flying in a Ferox for PvP squads. Woot!

Sunday morning I did some minerals runs and started buying and selling trade goods for profit. I made about 1.4 million in 25 minutes in my Badger MKII. Expect to see more of that! Sunday evening I got on an hour of ratting up in 9GYL with Barak. Tonight I plan to move all my personal belongings to 31MLU for a new home. I hope to convince the rest of the corp to do so eventually too.

I love this game.

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