Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What If Japan Won the War In the Pacific?

Well, last night that is exactly what happened.

Playing Axis & Allies: Pacific with Andrew the game usually follows a pattern. Early on Japan rules, but slowly the superior production of the US and British wear down the Imperial fleet and finally Japan has one last gasp to try and take a capital and ultimately fails.

Last night's game with me as the Allies and Andrew as Japan seemed to be following that pattern. Andrew was getting frustrated and ready to surrender, I was feeling confident and sure of victory. Then, BAM! I lost an entire fleet in exchange for one transport. Another lopsided land battle the same turn and suddenly I was on the defensive with time running out at a rapid pace. I tried to stem the flow of VPs to Japan but it was too late as Andrew took the Chinese capital and forced a surrender of the Allies.

In hindsight, I was too confident and threw far to many units to their deaths in uneven battles, depending on superior production to save me. Andrew played a poor to middling start of game, but finished very strong with some awesome moves and strategies in the end game. Axis and Allies: Pacific remains as one of the best two player board games I know.

Bonus, we finished in three and a half hours.

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