Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm Leaving IPRC...

Ha! Fooled you!

I am leaving IPRC, but only for a day. I'm getting some jump clones and to do that I need my corp to have a +10 standing with the corporation that owns the starbases with the medical facilities. However, corp standings to NPC corps (who own all the stations not deep in 0.0 space) are notoriously hard to raise because it depends on the average of all players in the corp that have any standing with the NPC corp. Confused?

So, to get around this certain individuals set up small one person corps and then run missions to the max with an NPC corp to raise their own standing (and thus the 'average' standing of the corp) to the point where they can get jump clones. But here's the kicker: anyone else who joins that corp that has no standing to the NPC corp is treated as having the standing of their corp. Thus was born Jump Clone Services corporations.

I'm joining Dark Reality (tonight hopefully) and getting a couple jump clones, then re-joining IPRC. The clones will allow me to switch from Pelille, 9GYL, or Itrin with ease. The only downside for me is the 24 hour wait period after jumping into a clone.

In other news, I'm very intrigued by the rumours of Faction Warfare coming in Kali, aka Revelations. I'm considering taking a leave of absence from IPRC to fight for my nation for a while, earning medals and ranks. Sounds very cool and appealing to me. We'll see how it goes first though.

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