Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Training Day

Last night Al (aka Optivus) and I flew a training mission in which I showed him little details that experience pilots take for granted. Warping to gang member, warping the game, agent mission bookmarks, NPC aggro, etc. It was cool and fun to fly with another Merlin pilot. Unfortunately the rest of the corp was off PvPing in Itrin but I feel its important to give the newbs attention to help get them up to speed faster.

Tonight we are going to try and fly again, this time looking at mundane stuff like the corp hanger, trading items/money, Escrow, and bookmark copying and usage. After that Al should be ready to fly missions or PvP as he sees fit.

I also picked up a Badger MkII last night as it was in the Pelille base and the only Badger for sale in Placid was 8 jumps away. I only need Caldari Industrial 3 to fly it and I have that skill at 2 already. Next Monday when I'm done Focus IV (Happy Dance!) I'll plow into that skill so Tuesday night I can fit it out.

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