Thursday, November 23, 2006


I had to cancel my training with Al last night because the corp is moving wholesale out of Itrin. The operation was a success and now we need a break before the next one. I took all my mods to Asanot and a couple ships so that Dennis could transport it all in the freighter along with all the rest of the corp's belongings. Then I put all my Caracals and Merlins except one on the market for a month. Try and make some money off them instead of running back and forth from Itrin to Asanot for a couple hours. Easy enough to buy or make more later.

Once it was all cleaned up, I jumped in my last Merlin and flew it back to Pelille, showing Al the corp hanger stuff. Tonight if Al is not on, I might jump to 9GYL and fly with others if they are around.

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